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Podcast production mixer


Phil has been presenting and producing podcasts long before it was fashionable, starting in 2008 with Twisted Wire, an influential ZDNet telecommunications podcast, and BTalk, a daily business podcast for CBS in Australia. Today his portfolio includes the NAB Morning Call, providing daily financial market insights, which is in the top three Business News podcasts in Australia.

NAB Morning Call podcast


Early each weekday Australian financiers, investors, CFOs and politicians wake-up to this popular daily update, with Phl Dobbie talking to NAB's analysts.

Wigmore Associates

BBC and (former) Bloomberg broadcaster Roger Hearing has teamed up with Phil Dobbie for this weekly topical discussion podcast, where informed guests delve into society's key issues. 

The Why Curve podcast
The Debunking Economics podcast

Steve Keen

Economist Steve Keen talks to Phil Dobbie about the failings of neoclassical economics and how it reflects on society. A popular weekly podcast that will get you thinking about how money works.


A successor to the popular Twisted Wire, Australia's weekly telecommunications podcast with Phil Dobbie speaking to experts across the industry about issues they faced in connecting the country.

Phil Dobbie's CrossTalk podcast

Sadly now defunct, It's the Business was a daily podcast in the first half of 2021. Maybe it'll come back, but lining up guests and sourcing content every day is quite an undertaking without an immediate revenue stream!


BTalk was Phil Dobbie's daily podcast on the CBS site BNET (now Moneywatch). There were 861 episodes between 2009 and 2012.


This was a weekly telecomms industry podcast from 2009 - 2012, hosted by Phil Dobbie and listened to widely by the industry and politicians in Australia.


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