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There are millions of podcasts. Many have a very short life. After just a few episodes they are abandoned because the people behind them became disillusioned. Audiences were slow to build, engagement was low and the original high hopes of a new relationship with customers and prospects was never realised.

Loudmouth has been making podcasts for publishers and corporate clients for decades. Prior to that Phil had a successful career mixing broadcasting with senior marketing roles in corporate Australia. So, he knows what businesses want from podcasting, and has a firm understanding of the listener.

So, if you are looking for the one-stop shop, where you can outsource the vast majority of the work, and arrive at a sensibly priced, consistent, high quality, engaging podcast, you've found it at Loudmouth.

Or if you are a radio programmer looking for a host who is smart, witty and experienced, there's nothing Phil Dobbie loves more than a live microphone.

Drew Bradford, NAB

Executive General Manager, Markets
“Phil’s work with NAB’s Morning Call has been a true market differentiator and it is now one of the leading business podcasts in the country."

Steve Keen


"Phil is a radio guy who actually researches the topics he talks about. That's led to very stimulating discussions on the Debunking Economics podcast"

Brian Haverty

Fmr editor, ZDNet Australia

“Phil's professionalism was evident from day one, as he devised ways to expand and improve our business coverage. Oh, and he's a pretty nice guy too!”

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Loudmouth Communications Ltd is based in Farnham, Surrey, UK

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